COP Pavilions Superlatives

b&js)by Patrick Turevon T’16 

With COP 21 winding down (but slightly extended) and the prospect of reaching an agreement looking increasingly promising, I want to share some of the less covered aspects of the event.

At the compound at La Bourget, there are two main meeting halls for the ratification and voting on the agreement drafts, but there are four other large halls that each host an array of countries and organizations participating in the conference. Each pavilions hold events and discussions throughout the day, have staff to answer any questions, and provide educational materials and pamphlets for interested attendees. The topics of the talks and panels range in scope and subject: some have focused on the scientific effects of climate change and some have explored the market-based solutions and financing needed to help countries and business adapt and respond.

There are several hundred booths and pavilions spread across the four halls. The atmosphere is part convention, part EPCOT. To better share the atmosphere, I present the first ever

COP Pavilions Superlatives


  1. Most likely to “borrow” the country logo from their tourist ads . . . MEXICO



2. Most likely to miss the point about minimizing your carbon footprint . . . THE GULF STATESgulf states a)


3. Most likely to forget their flag and need to improvise with printer and paper. . . CHINAchina flag


4. Most likely to forget their flag and need to improvise with printer and paper (but not even try) . . . AUSTRIAaustria flag)

5. Most likely to make their booth look like a discovery zone for kids . . . THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICAus discovery zone)*It should be noted that the US was the only country to have free coffee at all times of the day

6. Best use of a diorama . . . SOUTH KOREAkorea)


7. Most likely to make Al Gore feel like he is in a diorama . . . INDONESIAgore diorama)

8. Most gratuitous use of water at an event often highlighting the decreasing access to clean water. . . INDIAindia)


9. Most likely to know their demographic . . . GERMANYgermany*That is a bar at the center of the Germany country pavilion

10. Most likely to be completely out of place (but still letting you know what a good job they are doing) . . . FACEBOOKfacebook)

11. Most impressive (aka largest) video screen . . . TIE! MOROCCO…morocco)





and finally . . .

12. Most likely to make you feel like you are back in Hanover . . . BEN & JERRY’S!



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